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Rooms and facilities for your stay


A 55-square-meter living room

with a combined kitchen and dining area.

You can see the city of Beppu and the beautiful mountains across the sea.

At night, you can enjoy the beautiful night view.


Refrigerator, cooking utensils, dishes,

main seasonings, etc. 

Please feel free to use them.


Guest rooms

An 8-mat Japanese-style room facing the ocean,

and a Western-style room of the same size with a double bed facing the garden.

You can sleep surrounded by the starry sky

and the sound of waves.


If you have a large number of people,

you can also lay out futons in the living room.


A spacious bath with an ocean view.

We use shampoos, laundry detergents, and dishwashing detergents with the least environmental impact possible at SBG.


There is a restroom on each floor.​

SBG labo

A semi-outdoor free space.

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